I have 4 wonderful kiddos.

I have an awesome supportive husband who's also my best friend. 

I am a Registered Nurse.

I love coffee. And Starbucks.

I love chocolate.

I love wine and stout beer.

I love listening to music...most all of it.

I have a sister, a niece & nephew living too far away from me. I love them so so much.

I love my mom and dad.  They are why I am who I am today.

I have an amazing family because of my husband. Seriously, my in-laws rock.

I got into photography because of my kids.

I love babies. They make me smile.

I played fast pitch softball for a long, long time and miss it dearly and all of the friends I made.

I love my friends. I might not talk to them all the time, but they are all truly special people.

I love my nurse friends.

I big puffy heart my bestie & my C-dog and Z.

I am sarcastic, funny, and play jokes all the time.  I crack myself up sometimes.

Did I mention I love my husband and kids? <3