Recently a friend took a "behind the scenes" shot while I was doing a newborn shoot for her best friend.  I love when clients and friends take pictures of me taking pictures.  It's really cool to see myself in action doing something I love to do.  It also gives my clients and clients-to-be a peak into what exactly it is I do.  Pictures takes a lot of work.  It's not just a simple snap of the camera. It's idea transformed into a picture and edited to perfection.  Photographers typically go into a photo shoot with an idea of what they'll do.  I know for this shoot, I wanted to do a shot in this cute yellow basket.  Backstory: the yellow basket is actually my son's Easter basket. My youngest daughter tore the basket liner out along with the 27 plastic eggs and voila I saw my prop for that night's shoot.  This pretty yellow basket that was fit for a prince.... or a newborn squishy baby.