Cranberry Township Wedding | Twelve Oaks | Gallagher Wedding

It wasn't the perfectly, sunny, warm day for the wedding we hoped for, but warm hearts and lots of love we did. Instead of outdoor pictures like we had hoped, we got ready in the studio and staged our first look. 

We got our group shots inside and and did a few with the umbrella outside. Everyone was so relaxed and didn't let the rain bother them one bit.

Loved the details of the wedding. I had a lot of fun getting shots of the flowers!

gallagher wedding edits-75.jpg

Then we were off to Twelve Oaks in Cranberry Township, PA to get ready for the gorgeous ceremony.  The weather cleared up just long enough for the ceremony to stay outside. The bride's son asked to be the ring "bear" so they bought him a legit Ted costume to wear down the aisle!

gallagher wedding edits-233.jpg

After the ceremony we did our formal pictures and then they danced the night away!